Online Sessions FAQ

What do I need to do to sign up for online sessions?

Please complete the online booking request at We will contact you with the confirmed day/s and time/s in line with your preferences.

Is there any hardware/equipment needed to take online sessions?

All you need is a laptop/ computer or even an iPad to connect to the session. You can use your mouse and keyboard to enter text as well as the iPad to draw or drag and drop items. To be able to hear and speak to your tutor online, you will need headphones with an inbuilt speaker, but most laptops and iPads come with inbuilt speakers and microphones. If you have a wacom tablet, stylus or apple pen, it will make writing and graphing on the collaborative whiteboard marginally easier.

How many students will there be in the online group sessions?

To give each student adequate attention, we are limiting online group sessions to three students per session.

How are group sessions run?

Each student will be issued a link to their very own collaborative whiteboard where we have uploaded worksheets for them to complete during the session and for homework. We will try to group students with their peers within the same study focus: maths or English.

How do I join the session?

Your tutor will schedule the session on Zoom and send you an invite to join the session via email. Please click to accept the invitation and on the set time and day of the session, click the meeting URL to join the session.