What our parents/students say…

“My daughter was very excited to tell me she was one of the only students that got the Venn diagram correct after you showed her! Mid-year exam results 42%, end of year 61%. Yay!” – N. Shettigara
"Thought you might want to know my son’s results for his SACs test. It’s in 3 parts – he got 100, 85 & 83. He is very happy. Thanks for helping him understand.” – K. Pahos
“Just wanted to let you know my daughter got 84% for her maths exam. This is an amazing result and improvement from semester 1. Warren has done an amazing job motivating her and breaking things down for her to understand.” – E. Constanzo
"My son just wrote the most amazing descriptive piece for his schoolwork home learning. Well, when I say amazing, it’s amazing for him. It had humour, he painted some pictures in the reader’s head. No way could he have done it 6 months ago.”
– C. Blackman
“The kids weren’t so keen to study online straight away but when they saw Eliza on her Zoom, they loved it and time passed very quickly but it was very productive. My kids both got a lot out of the lesson. Thanks!” – K. Braunegg
“Thanks so much for getting my daughter up to speed, particularly in her written work. She was in the top 5% in English, couldn’t believe it. She’s so rapt. Thanks to you & your team.” – F. Gaylor
“My son finds Joseph’s explanation of maths very easy to follow and he is feeling more confident with mathematics. Joseph is very organised, dedicated and thorough. We are very happy with Joseph and thought it important to provide such feedback.” – N. Ryan
“You’ll be proud of our Mathstar, she got A+ for her maths exam!” – M. Paolozza

“My daughter has been doing a couple of math sheets on your website everyday and can already see improvements, she’s motivated to work in her book as well and really likes her tutor's lesson. Thank you for your support, really appreciate it.” – I. Peraic



“You have been amazing and we both sincerely appreciate your fantastic and diligent tutelage of our daughter. She has improved so much this year.” – S. Downie
"My son got 100% on his Maths test last week…he was soooo happy, first time he’s ever got 100% in maths! Thanks to Steve my son has gone from low-medium results to high results!” – K. Cottle

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