How and when can I enrol?

You can either enrol online, or enrol in person during our trading hours. Enrolments take place throughout the year – even during the school holidays. There is no specific enrolment period.

How long is each session?

Each session runs for 60 minutes. This is usually adequate to introduce the topic, practice for understanding and have their class work checked for editing and feedback. We do not encourage students to do both mathematics and English within the one-hour session as it is not sufficient to build the required skill in 30 minutes.

Can I get homework assistance?

Yes. Students are encouraged to bring in work from school if they are struggling to complete it on their own. Oftentimes, students bring in homework that they could easily complete on their own – this is a waste of the session as it could have been utilised more productively.

Do I have to book a regular private session?

No. You don’t have to book a regular private time-slot, though it is highly recommended that you do. Without a regular booking, you will need to call ahead to check for availability. As our sessions are in high demand, there is no guarantee that you will be able to book a session for your preferred day or time with your preferred tutor.

Can I book a fortnightly private session?

Fornightly private sessions can be arranged, however these are limited to the 4pm and 7pm time-slots on weeknights and the 9am and 2pm time-slots on Saturday. Please note that precedence will be given to regular bookings.

Do all students sit an initial assessment before commencing?

Only primary school children need to sit an initial assessment prior to commencing. This is normally held in the first 20 – 30 minutes of a student’s first session.

The assessment will help us determine:

  • The student’s current knowledge;
  • Where the gaps lie in the student’s knowledge;
  • The student’s general strengths and weaknesses;
  • The areas in which we will need to work on with the student.

Any observations made through the assessment will be discussed with the parent. A copy of the assessment may be provided upon request.

We will create a tailored study plan to address any gaps and weaknesses as highlighted by the assessment.

Will I get feedback on how my child is progressing?

Every enrolled student will have access to their very own student/parent portal. You will be able to login and read session notes and tutor feedback within the portal. For parents who do not have access to the internet, we can provide a copy of the session notes for the month or term upon request.

What subjects do you tutor?

We offer English and mathematics from Grade 1 until Year 10, and most VCE subjects. We are happy to offer any subject, as long as we have a tutor available who has achieved excellent VCE results in that subject.

What should students bring to every session?

Primary students will need to bring to every session: three sharpened grey-lead pencils, an eraser and a sharpener. This will ensure that they get the most out of their session without wasting time to constantly get up to sharpen their pencils as well as distract other students. An A4 document holder is recommended to keep all their workbooks and worksheets in one place.

Secondary students will need to bring stationery, their scientific/CAS calculator, their textbook and any handouts/worksheets assigned by their school for revision.

Are students assigned homework?

Primary students are encouraged to work through the questions in their workbook under close adult supervision. This ensures that they are learning the correct techniques and completing the questions accurately. Remember that quantity does not always mean quality. It is better to teach something the right way from the very beginning rather than to re-teach a learned mistake.

Secondary students are given more than enough homework as it is, but instead of only completing one column of questions as assigned by their school teacher, we encourage our students to complete all columns. The more exposure students get from a wide variety of questions gives them a better chance of doing well in a test/exam.

To master any topic, both primary and secondary students should practise regularly and frequently.

Are students in a group the same year level?

As we offer individualised tuition, there is no need to group students of the same grade levels together. Every child will be working on their assigned work and progress at their individual pace.

Are the tutors qualified?

Our tutors are hand-picked for their outstanding academic performance as well as their first-hand experience and knowledge of the VCE curriculum. Some are graduates with degrees in a range of disciplines – biomedical science, law, speech pathology e.t.c.

All our tutors are dedicated to working alongside their students to achieve the best possible learning outcome.

We would welcome qualified teachers to apply, provided that they meet our strict standards and demonstrate competence as a tutor.

How can I pay?

We accept payment by cash, debit, VISA or Mastercard in person as well as online payments by direct bank transfers. Details for direct bank transfers are located on the invoice.

How much notice do I need to give if I decide to discontinue?

There are no lock-in contracts. You may discontinue at any time and your unused paid sessions will be refunded minus the $25 cancellation fee.

Is there a question we haven’t answered? Please enter your question below and we will endeavour to answer it as soon as possible.