How Mathstar Works

Mathstar provides after-school tutoring to students from Grade 1 to Year 12.

Mathstar strives to provide individualised learning for each student by allowing students to assimilate concepts at their own pace with their own learning style. In other words, we help students with whatever they need and/or want help with, which might include catching up with schoolwork, learning concepts in advance, exam preparation or NAPLAN. As a result, the approach we take with each student is unique. The resources that we use also vary in accordance to each student’s particular needs.

Mathstar is also family-oriented. We know that family life is busy, so our timetable is flexible and we regularly open new classes to match family schedules.

We aim to flexibly meet the needs of students and families, so that students have all of the support they need to thrive at school.


Mathstar believes that in order to help our students achieve their study goals, communication between their parents and educators is vital. After all, aren’t we are all striving to achieve the same thing? To facilitate this, we have incorporated an online record-keeping system so that parents may login and read notes about their child’s progress each session, each week.