Our Services

Mathstar provides after-school tutoring to students from Grade 1 to Year 12.

Mathstar strives to provide individualised learning for each student by allowing students to assimilate concepts at their own pace with their own learning style. In other words, we help students with whatever they need and/or want help with, which might include catching up with schoolwork, learning concepts in advance, exam preparation or NAPLAN. As a result, the approach we take with each student is unique. The resources that we use also vary in accordance to each student’s particular needs.

Mathstar is also family-oriented. We know that family life is busy, so our timetable is flexible and we regularly open new classes to match family schedules.

We aim to flexibly meet the needs of students and families, so that students have all of the support they need to thrive at school.


Mathstar believes that in order to help our students achieve their study goals, communication between their parents and educators is vital. After all, aren’t we are all striving to achieve the same thing? To facilitate this, we have incorporated an online record-keeping system so that parents may login and read notes about their child’s progress each session, each week.


For students between Grades 1 and 5, we take students through our popular mathematics workbook program which is based on the highly effective, world-class system known as Singapore Maths. Unlike previous methods that emphasised procedural and computational mathematics, Singapore Maths develops the student’s ability to understand the maths itself.

As a result, Singapore Maths is reputed to be one of the most successful national programs in the world, according to the TIMSS (Trends in International Maths & Science Study) survey, since 1995. The Singapore Maths curriculum and pedagogy is unique and revolutionary in its approach towards the subject. It is very effective as a stand alone curriculum or a supplement to the existing school curriculum.

Our workbooks and worksheets introduce students to pictorial and concrete representations of how numbers can be broken down and restructured in many different ways, thus developing the child’s fluency in number sense and mental computation. This progresses to the use of bar models as an abstract yet visual approach to solving maths problems, allowing children to understand, interpret and conceptualise word problems.

Once students have laid the strong foundation of mathematics, learning more advanced mathematics becomes more relatable and meaningful.


At Mathstar, our objective is to develop creative and confident writers. To write well, students must not only have a solid phonetic and grammatical foundation to avoid ambiguity, but also an extensive vocabulary bank and writing techniques to engage their readers. Every student develops these skills at varying degrees, so it would be ineffective to assign the same work for every student. To cater for our students individual needs, we assess our students upon enrolment and devise a unique study plan to develop these key areas.

Each session involves completing exercises to practise the target topic and applying their skills to a short writing task, before ending the session with editing and feedback.


Our secondary students need immediate topic-based assistance to develop their understanding of the mathematics concepts introduced as per their school curriculum. To support our secondary students, we review the content and guide them in completing the exercises from their own maths textbook. Additional questions from popular Australian maths textbooks is referred to help students practise and consolidate their understanding.


Our tutors will guide students in structuring their writing and using age-appropriate vocabulary to express their ideas concisely and effectively.